Logistics LUMC

Student Service desk LUMC
Education Building 3, ground level
Hippocratespad 21, Leiden
Opening hours: Mon-Fri
08.30 – 16.45
Ph + 31 (0)71 5268700
E-mail*: onderwijsservicepunt@lumc.nl
Web: www.student.universiteitleiden.nl/~
Questions on registration in courses, workgroup/courses and grades (Usis)

* Please state in the e-mail subject header: BMS Master and clearly indicate where the e-mail needs to go.

LUMC ICT Helpdesk
Helpdesk, J-1-015
Opening hours: Mo-Fri 8.00 - 11.30, and 12.00 – 17.00
Ph +31 (0)71 – 527 4747
E-mail: helpdesk@lumc.nl
The LUMC ICT Helpsdesk is where you can go for problems with your student laptop or questions about the student network account.

Library and books
Book store M.F.L.S.
'Dictaten Centrale'
LUMC - underneath Lecture room 1, behind the HePatho (Bar of MFLS student's association) K0-96
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12.15 – 13.15
E-mail: dictatentcentrale@mfls.nl
Pick up module and study books for your courses.
Module books in the master are usually provided on-line via Blackboard.

LUMC Library
LUMC, Albinusdreef 2
Waleaus Library, C-1-Q
Library and desktop computers.
(More information further down.)

LUMC Library and Study Facilities

The Walaeus Library is the medical library of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). The library collection is freely accessible for reference and consultation.

Opening hours:
Monday through Thursday: 08.30 - 21.00h
Friday: 08.30 - 17.00h

The collection
The library collection comprises a large number of paper and online journals, books, reference works, and dissertations. In addition, various bibliographical databases are available online. For books or papers not specific to the medical field, visit the general University Library. Your LU card is necessary for access to the entrance. More information can be found at www.library.leiden.edu.

Books and journals are displayed in an open room. All books can be borrowed from the library, except for loose-leaf works, reference and study books, and those with a yellow cover strip. Journals can generally not be borrowed but may be consulted in the library. The bound annual volumes of journals are arranged in alphabetical order. Recent journal issues can be found in separate bookcases and are divided into general and specialized sections. A growing number of journals can be consulted electronically via the website of the library.

A library pass is free for students of the Leiden University. The borrowing period is three weeks. Extending this time is possible at the library counter, via the OPC or by telephone. Not responding to reminders will cost € 5,- per overdue book. A reservation can be made on books that are out on loan. If the requested literature is not available from the Walaeus Library, the library can order it for you. Service costs will be charged.

Study Facilities
For students of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, 85 study places are available. The library also has a number of photocopy facilities and a computer room with 28 PCs, all with network access. In case these study places are crowded, there are a few alternatives. Plexus also offers a computer room open to students, which is usually not very crowded. The General University Library also has plenty of room to study, but the computers are usually taken unless you show up early in the morning.

Information and documentation systems
The Walaeus Library offers a variety of databases, such as PubMed, Medline, Web of Science, the Cochrane Library and UpToDate, most of which can be consulted via the LUMC network. These databases primarily refer to journal articles.
The library offers a personal reference service. In addition, an online literature search can be performed on request. For both services an appointment needs to be made.

The library regularly schedules database instruction sessions for both staff and students. Every first Thursday of the month, members of staff can join a guided tour in order to become familiar with the library.

House rules
- No coats and bags allowed; use of cloakroom obligatory (lockers available).
- No food and drinks allowed (lockers available).
- Use of the library primarily for LUMC-staff and (bio)medical students.
- No one shall reserve a working place in the Library by leaving library material or personal property on reading table. Material and property left at a vacated working place may be removed by a Librarian.
- Use of photocopiers restricted to copying library materials
Food and drinks
Bar M.F.L.S.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 12.30-18.00
Bar of the medical student association. Lunch and drinks.

LUMC Restaurants
- At the "Leidse Plein", second floor LUMC
- In Building 2 (Research building)
Lunch, dinner and drinks.


Building 1
LUMC building 1 is the hospital center and contains lecture halls 1 to 5, HePatho, the board room of the M.F.L.S. and the restaurant.

Building 2
LUMC building 2 is the research building and also contains a restaurant on the ground floor.

Building 3
LUMC building 3 is the educational building and contains lecture hall 6, the workgroup rooms (V- ..) and the international office.
The research in the LUMC is organised in medical research profiles. Four of the research profiles aim at a specific biomedical theme, three other profiles are more generic. This is a great starting place to find all research that is ongoing in the LUMC.

You can find the website here.
Code of Conduct
At the LUMC and University, various rules pertain to order, safety, health, IT, and private information (patient and research confidentiality). These rules have predominantly been established in a protocol and it is expected you abide by these rules throughout the programme.

Info on good research practice and integrity can be found here.