Research General FOS Courses (Full-time courses) Electives by BMS
Animal ScienceAnimal ScienceAnimal ScienceAnimal ScienceAnimal Science
How to WriteScient. ConductClinical Research in PracticeHow to WriteScient. conduct
FOS Clinical PharmacologyFOS Proteomics in Biomedical ResearchFOS Biomedical Transl. Research SurgeryFOS Glycobiology in Health and DiseaseFOS Regulation Immune ResponseFOS Stem CellsFOS Pathogen Host interactionsFOS Developmental Biology
FOS Molecular Virology RNA virussesFOS Depression & stress-related disordersFOS Gen Disease Funct GenomicsFOS Electr Interactions
FOS Allogeneic Transplantation ImmunotherapyFOS Clinical and Functional NeuroanatomyFOS Translational Neurogenetics
FOS Chem Biology, Signal TransductionFOS Finding new causes of Thrombosis
FOS Biol Mech Ageing DevelopmentFOS Cutting Edge ImmunologyFOS Pathophysiology of Coagulation
FOS Imaging in Neurosciences
FOS Molecular Data Science
Philosophical Inquiry - (1EC) 9 weekly early-evening meeting
How to Start (1EC)Arts & Life Sciences weekly meetings (Time tbd.)
CRIP- using R for data analysis
CRIP- adv conc. in epidemiology
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